Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Do you hate laundry? Sure! As most of us do! I also hate that my hallway linen closet is so shallow in depth (not personality). Why can't laundry be fulfilling and fun? Oh! But it can! So....I decided to find some "how to" videos on how to fold my towels the "right way." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv9h-lkTbMY

I think that one of the reasons I like these organizing videos is because I am on a tight budget and being able to make something that I already have a little bit better makes the designer in me satisfied. 

This is a photo that I took a few months ago of my newly folded closet! I like folding them this way sooo much that if Brian has already folded the towels, I unfold them and fold them to fit nice and neatly in my towel closet!

I also folded the towels in my kitchen towel draw the same way! It makes them very easy access this way!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes

I have been working on a "family tree" of random family photos through about 110yrs. During Christmas break, I gathered many photos from Brian's dad's house and then his mom's house. I love this photo of Baby Blue Eyes Brian at the Lake...probably circa 1984? This pose reminds me of a dance from the movie "Waiting for Guffman." It has been very fun collecting photos...but when I went to get photos at my parents' house today....i ran into a door jamb holding a stack of framed photos. One of those photos was an old pic of my Papa Jimmie, framed in a SHARP metal frame. The frame pierced me right through my shirt. This injury stings with fury. The weirdest thing was (besides finding out how dangerous antique frames are)  that it did not pierce either of the shirts I was wearing. Sounds like a case for the X-Files.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Obsession

When I was little, my mom decorated my room with every color of the pastel rainbow....EVERY color....then when I was in middle school I decorated my room with paper streamers and a string of ugly fish lights. One day my mom told me that we were going to give my room a "makeover." I did not get to decide on the wall color because mom had a can of green paint left over from my younger brother's room. So... I got to choose an accent color to accompany the green. I chose purple..... royal purple. My mom stenciled "medallions" on my walls. My freshman year in college I decided to "go with" the green and purple...plus....BLUE. I hadn't had blue in my zone since that pastel rainbow room....and even then it was not noteworthy compared to the pink. My roommate had a matching comforter...so our room was like a tiny, pastel Holiday Inn. My sophomore year in college I chose a saturated rainbow bedspread....weird huh? I always turned the comforter so that I could see the blue and green stripes the best....I committed to this bedspread for the rest of my years at SU and then in my three years at McAfee for seminary....but with one catch....or flip rather. The rainbow was looking "not so good" so I flipped it to the navy side. I bought green sheets to accompany it and VOILA! The obsession was born! 
I found this gorgeous lamp shade on a green lamp one fine day at HomeGoods in Buford, GA. I moved it to this brown lamp because I needed the lamp to share the love of its beauty!